Truskavets. Vacation in Truskavets

  Visiting Truskavets, you will discover not just a fascinating corner of Precarpathians, where you can significantly improve your health, have good fun and meaningful rest. You involuntarily feel boundless love of people who created and continue to create this beauty, because perfec Детальніше


There are no translations available.   Курорт Моршин - це один з відомих гастро-ентерологічних курортів України і зарубіжжя, завдяки його унікальним джерелам мінеральних вод, в Детальніше


There are no translations available. За Трускавцем та Бориславом гори постають неждано-негадано. Якихось двадцять кілометрів дороги, що йде майже вертикально та в’ється срібл Детальніше


Kosmos children camp


"Kosmos" kids camp


Children's camp "Space" is located on the Black Sea near the villageRybakivka. This is a clean area. Cases are in the pine forest, very near the sea. Nearby there is a unique mud-salt Lake Tuzla. Camp is guarded 24 hours.



The picturesque area of 3.7 hectares has a good planning. There is a soccer field, volleyball, basketball and playgrounds, outdoor area for public events, theater, dance floor.




Children live in two-storey brick buildings fixed: large and small. Simultaneously, the host can accept up to 320 people.

Large House: Room for 6-8 people with facilities on the floor.As well as suites for 3-4 persons with all amenities, shower, orthopedic beds and a modern interior. Balconies facing the sea.

Small house: Rooms for 2-4 people with amenities on the floor.Warm water showers are in separate building, hot water is running 24 hours, water - from their own artesian wells.


Meals for children - 5 times meal. A balanced meal according to the regulations ofMinistry of Health of Ukraine. Confectioners of kids 's camp "Cosmos" daily bake bread products in a wide range. Every day children eat vegetables and fruits.




Through the combination of sea, desert, salt lakes and coniferous forest air recreation area has a positive effect on the respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous system.


Check-in: 12:00;Departure :09:00.


The price of tour includes: accommodation, 5-meals, cultural program.


Beach: the camp "Kosmos" has its own long beach about 70 meters. The beach is equipped with shade canopies, changing cabins, showers.The sea has a gently sloping sandy bottom. Place for a Kid's floating fence and marked booth.


Work groups: choreography, theater, vocal, a circle of applied creativity.In the camp "Cosmos" there is well organized physical education for children. There are sports sections: football, volleyball, swimming, and other. There is room for video games.

Dining Club: concert hall has 340 seats, equipped with the modern cinema where entertainment and films are held for children. 

Experienced teachers: (teachers leading schools in Nikolayev, teachers of Culture Institute of Pedagogical UniversityNikolaev, students, senior Institute of Culture and Mykolaiv Pedagogical University) conduct the original educational program developed by teachers of the camp "Cosmos" in cooperation with experts of the Institute of Culture and Pedagogical University in Nikolayev.
C 2006 the camp "Cosmos" was the place whre he International Children Festival "Golden Stork" was held.


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Price of an accommodation voucher
Per a day

to 01.06

after 01.06

Type of a room Price in uah. Price in uah.

Standard (8 beds)

all inclusive

»room description

120 165

Suites (3-4 beds sea view)

all inclusive

»room description

130 190

4 beds

all inclusive

»room description

165 215


 Consultations, verify pricing and booking rooms: 


Tel.: +38 (0324) 41-79-90
+38 (0324) 45-00-01
+38 (097) 90-41-018
+38 (067) 31-33-488


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